Article Share: Democrats Have the Green Party Blues

From The Wall Street Journal: Democrats Have the Green Party Blues The party’s environmental extremism puts it at odds with working people whose aspiration is prosperity. By George Melloan Sept. 6, 2017 6:01 p.m. ET The political commentariat has unleashed a torrent of words since the 2016 election analyzing what […] Read more »

Article Share: Trump signals intention to achieve American ‘energy dominance’

From Oil & Gas Journal: Trump signals intention to achieve American ‘energy dominance’ WASHINGTON, DC, June 30 06/30/2017 By Nick Snow OGJ Washington Editor       US President Donald Trump announced a series of actions aimed at achieving not just American energy independence, but dominance. The initiatives include opening federal offshore areas […] Read more »

Article Share: API Study Quantifies “Keep-it-in-the-ground” Policies’ Consequences

From Oil & Gas Journal: API study quantifies ‘keep-it-in-the-ground’ policies’ consequences WASHINGTON, DC, Apr. 5 04/05/2017 By Nick Snow OGJ Washington Editor Adopting “keep it in the ground” policies that antifossil fuel activists advocate could make the average US household’s energy costs jump $4,550 in 2040 from increased transportation fuel, […] Read more »

Article Share: What the Dakota Pipeline is Really About

From The Wall Street Journal: What the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Really About The standoff isn’t about tribal rights or water, but a White House that ignores the rule of law.   Protesters’ encampment near Cannon Ball, N.D. Photo: LightRocket via Getty Images By Kevin Cramer Dec. 6, 2016 7:40 […] Read more »

Article Share: President Obama’s Final Three Months

From The Kiplinger Letter, Vol. 93, No. 42, October 21, 2016 Don’t expect President Obama to coast through his final three months int he White House.  He and his team still have a busy agenda.  Last-minute rules, regulations and orders to help advance his causes and bolster his legacy, just […] Read more »

Article Share: Democrats Used to Like natural-Gas Energy. Not Anymore

From The Wall Street Journal: Democrats Used to Like Natural-Gas Energy. Not Anymore Clinton helped rewrite the Democratic platform on energy in ways that make Obama look moderate. By Karen Alderman Harbert July 26, 2016 7:06 p.m. ET The 2016 presidential campaign has been nothing if not dramatic, and so […] Read more »